About Vietnam Online Language Program

There are endless reasons we can list to convince you to learn Vietnamese: you will earn yourself more friends, you will show your cultural awareness, your next trips to Vietnam will be much more enjoyable, ... Learning Vietnamese does not necessarily mean that you have to be excel at it and speak it like a native people. Learning Vietnamese can start with the alphabet, or saying Xin Chao, or to break the ice with a stranger.

In this language program, we try our best to be as relevant as possible: you will find small tips to help you speed up the learning process, you will learn how to order food in a restaurant, and you will learn to have fun the Vietnamese way. The program is divided into six sections: Traveling section will include basic lessons for Vietnam visitors,Working section will prepare you well if you work in Vietnam,Living section will be a starter guide to manager your days in Vietnam, Grammar section contains all you should know how Vietnamese language work;Vocabulary helps you enrich your knowledge andLiterature and Songs will be a fun corner for you to relax by Vietnamese short stories and folk songs.

This language program is posted online and free of charge. We do hope that you will make use of it and grow to love the Vietnamese language, just like we do.